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Q:What is OOSD O3 Ozone Water Mixer?

IT’S the latest device of O3 ozone water faucet. The patent DFC detect system can induct whether the faucet is opened. Then correspond the patent water mixer with ozone water and water. In that moment, the water supply will turn into the ozone water which has disinfectant effectiveness. That makes the running water not only clean but effective of disinfection. In addition, it protects the health of the whole family and decreases health care expenditure.

Q:Why does OIC O3 Ozone Mixer need to be used?

Ozone was formed of gas explosion formula twenty years ago. Eighty-five percent of ozone was widespread in the air and it was harmful for health. Ozone Mixer used to have the external function ten years ago. But the connecting part of the faucet had the leaking problem frequently. What’s more, electric wires were exposed. It has poor appearance and highly failure rate. The latest Ozone Mixer is integrated. O3 Ozone Mixer is O3 ozone faucet. All the cables are integrated inside the faucet. It is safety, attractive appearance, and durable.

Q:Does O3 Ozone Mixer have highly detergency of cleaning fruit and vegetables comparing with water and salt water?

Ozone water has sterilizing power and has been proved by scientific verification. Escherichia coli (it causes diarrhea, alimentary intoxication), Staphylococcus aurous (it causes wound infection, alimentary intoxication), Candida albicans (it causes oral cavity, lung and genital organ infection) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa (it causes pneumonia, urinary tract infection, wound infection, and Sepsic). All of the above have obviously bactericidal power.

Furthermore, the ozone machine has the ability of oxidative decomposition. It turns organic agricultural chemicals(hydrocarbon)which contain toxic or stink(colors…)into carbon dioxide(colorless and non-toxic),H2O and O2. And they retain in water or air.

Some domestic researchers use three percent of salt liquor to clean fruit and vegetables. Then they defect the residue level of pesticide with precision instruments. The result proves that there is no difference between using water and using saline solution. That means cleaning fruit and vegetables with salt won’t be cleaner. The other research report shows that salt will detain pesticide and chemical materials on the surface of them. It breaks with tradition that people’s sense of washing vegetables with salt is much cleaner.

Q:Meat contains protein, and it’s made up of amino acids. How is the effect if it’s processed through O3 ozone?

Nitrous acid is from nitric acid. After combining with protein, it’ll emerge ammonium nitrite. This compound is carcinogen. And department of nitric acid is emerged due to nitrogen oxides and water combine together. Ammonium nitride is the critical of cancerigenic. Nitric acid, nitrous acid and ammonium aren’t any related with ozone. In fact, processing meat through ozone can break down the antibiotic of meat, hormone and organic toxins for the purpose of disinfection, detoxification, and even preservation. Moreover, if there are fish at home, when nitrous acid is too high in fishbowls, fish tails and fins will emerge lesions. Output ozone in the water to neutralize nitrous acid is generally the fastest and the best method at present. Ping Tung Marine Biology Aquarium was televised because of using ozone to maintain the water quality.

Q: Germs or microbe consist of nitrogenous compounds. How will they become after ozonation?

The same as above. Germs or microbe contains protein. They both are organic compounds. Through ozone, they will decompose the toxicity and abolish their reproduce for achieving disinfection affect. Most important of all, there will be no nitrite. Due to nitrite comes from hydrogen nitrate and nitric oxides, and nitric oxides will be formed during high temperature combustion. It isn’t connected with ozone. In addition, there are indeed some bacteria can resolve nitrogen oxide to nitrite, and then convert into nitrate in order to be used by other biological. This phenomenon isn’t associated with ozone, either.

Q:Chlorine is used to sterilize water supply in domestic. The remainder of chlorine will be sterilized by ozone. When the remainder of chlorine and ozone combine together, will they produce hypochlorite which has hazardous materials?

Water supply is mostly sterilized by chlorine. When chlorine dissolves in the water, it will become hypochlorous acid or hypochlorite ions; it’s also commonly known as residual chlorine. Hypochlorite is provided with intense effect of disinfection. It’s related with chlorine dissolves in the water, but there isn’t any associated with ozone.

General electrolyzed water, such as electrolysis axion, its part of acidulous water, has a large amount of hypochlorite. Actually, O3 ozone through water purification management will have better condition for disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, and bleach as well. Drinkable water devices in European countries have numerously been utilized. The disinfection effect is stronger than chlorine. After ozone resolves, it restores to oxygen and dissolves in the water. There are no issues about remaining chlorine, smell of sterilization and producing trichloromethane which causes cancer after boiling.

Q: If people can smell the flavor of ozone, does it mean the ozone potency is over level?

In fact, the boundary that human beings is able to smell the flavor of ozone is 0.01ppm—0,02ppm or so.

Ozone itself has a particular grass flavor. If smelling ozone, it doesn’t mean it has high potency or harmfulness. All in all, choosing according to the above or using ozone machine properly is the correct method. In view of safety, window opening makes air convection. It can speed up its reaction or deoxidation speed and shorten disposal timing. Making use of air purifier, air conditioning or window opening makes air circ circulate and strengthening the effect of air purge.

OIC Series Production Q & A

  1. Q : What are five functions of O3 ozone?
  2. A : Disinfection, deodorization, elimination of toxicant, retain freshness and whitening.
  3. Q : What’s the distance from ozone to the Earth surface?
  4. A : About two hundred thousand—two hundred and fifty thousand kilometers.
  5. Q : How many percents of UV(Ultraviolet) can be absorbed by ozone?
  6. A : About 90% of UV.
  7. Q : How much time does ozone take to restore under normal atmospheric? On the other hand, what about its restore speed under higher temperature?
  8. A : (1) The reduction time is 15-20 minutes. (2) Faster.
  9. Q : How much potency can O3 ozone disinfect? And how much potency does O3 ozone disinfect in a split second?
  10. A : (1) Bacteria are eliminated in 0.1ppm. (2)0.3ppm.
  11. Q : How much thickness should it be if viruses are eliminated with O3 ozone?
  12. A : 0.4ppm
  13. Q : How much concentration of water is there in OIC O3 Ozone Mixer?
  14. A : About 0.6±0.1ppm.
  15. Q : What is the legitimate disinfectant and what’s the best germicidal?
  16. A : O3 ozone.
  17. Q : What’s the definition of good water?
  18. A : Clean, germ-free, rich in mineral substances, and minor element.
  19. Q : How many times of oxygen are there as ozone water dissolves in water?
  20. A : Thirteen times.
  21. Q : When O3 ozone is in the air, what’s the volume control among international and domestic?
  22. A : 0.1ppm one hour;0.05ppm eight hours
  23. Q : How many reservoirs that use O3 ozone for disinfection are there all over the world at present?
  24. A : More than one thousand and six hundred and the numbers of reservoirs have continuously been increased.
  25. Q : Developed countries flaunt that tap water can be drunk as switching on the faucet. What’s it owing to?
  26. A : Because of O3 ozone.
  27. Q : What’s difference between good and poor O3 ozone?
  28. A : Good ozone produces O3 ozone under 50 degrees Celsius. It doesn’t contain ox nitride. But poor ozone which produces in the high temperature contains ox nitride, is like vehicle emissions.
  29. Q : What’s the gravity of O3 ozone compare with air and oxygen?
  30. A : The proportion of O3 ozone is 1.5 times as much as that of the oxygen, and 1.7 times as much as that of the air.
  31. Q : What’s the element of environmental protection in the eyes of scientists?
  32. A : O3 ozone.
  33. Q : What are four artificial methods to produce O3 ozone?
  34. A : (1) electrolytic process (2) point discharge (3) ultraviolet (4) effluvium
  35. Q : What kind of method does OOSD O3 Ozone Mixer use to produce O3 ozone?
  36. A : Effluvium.
  37. Q : What kind of method does the international swimming competition site appoint in order to have disinfection?
  38. A : O3 ozone.
  39. Q : What’s the influence of coli infection on human bodies?
  40. A : Diarrhea and gastrointestinal discomfort.
  41. Q : Where does the normally incidence rate of twenty-five, staphylococcus aurous occur?
  42. A : wound gather suppurated and infection.
  43. Q : What kind of bacterial infection that results in food intoxication?
  44. A : Salmonella bacteria, staphylococcus aurous, and coli bacillus.
  45. Q : What germ infection that leads to gynecological disease?
  46. A : Candida Albicans.
  47. Q : If someone suffers from Athlete’s Foot or KTPP (keratodermia tylodes palmaris progressive), how many times a day does he/she need to soak the affected part with O3 ozone water?
  48. A : Ten minutes, and it’ll be improved in a week.
  49. Q : What’s the reason of Americans died of eating uncooked spinach?
  50. A : Spinach is infected with coli bacillus.
  51. Q : OOSD O3 Ozone Mixer has passed through SGS inspection. What’s the disinfection rate within ten seconds?
  52. A : 99.999%
  53. Q : OOSD O3 Ozone Mixer has passed through SGS inspection. How many percent of resolution capability of remain pesticides after soaking fruit and vegetables for five minutes?
  54. A : As much as 60% or more.
  55. Q : What’s the reason for OOSD O3 Ozone Mixer potency running to 0.6ppm?
  56. A : Sealed four-phase mixer.
  57. Q : How come OOSD O3 Ozone Mixer has the automatic dehumidification function?
  58. A : Six-hour automatic heat machine system.
  59. Q : What’s OOSD O3 Ozone Mixer sensor system?
  60. A : D.F.C. automatic water flow sensor.
  61. Q : Is there any self-inspection system for O3 Ozone Mixer?
  62. A : When the machine breaks down, unplug the power and then plug it in to start the automatic inspection system.
  63. Q : How many totals of output timing of O3 ozone water are there for TYPE C separating OOSD O3 Ozone Mixer?
  64. A : Fifty minutes. If ozone water is going to be provided, switch off the faucet and turn it on again, it can continue supplying water for another fifty minutes.
  65. Q : Is there any waterproof ability for OOSD O3 Ozone Mixer?
  66. A : Definitely yes. It can also clean the frame with water.
  67. Q : What won’t people be acquired from tap water?
  68. A : (1) Chlorine. (2) Heavy metal. (3) Impurity.
  69. Q : What are the colors of pure three-state O3 ozone?
  70. A : (1) Light blue in gaseous fluid. (2) Dark blue in liquid state. (3) Dark purple in solid state.
  71. Q : How come O3 ozone can disinfect?
  72. A: Bacteria and virus consist of protein, RNA and DNA. And O3 ozone has strong oxidative capacity for decomposing their cell membranes and protein outer capsule in order to cause cytoplasm losses and death.
  73. Q : Why is O3 ozone able to get rid of foul smells?
  74. A: Because it is able to destroy the molecular structure of the smelly substances. Afterwards, it can generate non-toxic and odorless materials.
  75. Q : why do humans keep food fresh with O3 ozone?
  76. A : Stimulating agents of the substances and vinyl compound of yeast can be ruined through O3 ozone.
  77. Q : Why can O3 ozone eliminate pesticide remaining?
  78. A: During the process of oxidation, O3 ozone can disrupt the chemical molecules in pesticide. And the pesticide will form a chemical transformation, but not including toxicity.
  79. Q : American FDA has formally approved that O3 ozone is in contact with food. When was the microbe preparation?
  80. A : In 2001.
  81. Q : When was O3 ozone used to disinfect bottled water?
  82. A : In 1982.
  83. Q : Where was the first O3 ozone water purification plant/factory located in?
  84. A : Nice (city) in France.
  85. Q : When was the first commercial swimming pool that used O3 ozone in the USA?
  86. A : In 1937.
  87. Q: Does the authority have the restrict (for the public) to use O3 ozone in Europe?
  88. A : No.
  89. Q : How is the sterilizing power of O3 ozone when comparing with chlorine and paracresylol?
  90. A : It’s 3000 times as much as that of the chlorine, and 30 times as much as that of the paracresylol.
  91. Q : What’s the effect when O3 ozone is in the air?
    A : It can reduce the bacteria and the virus in the air with 0.05ppm.
  92. Q : What’s O3 ozone water called in European countries?
  93. A : Universal water.
  94. Q : What’s the ratio of potable water and rinse water in daily life?
  95. A : 2% portable water and 98% rinse water.
  96. Q : Are there any consumables when installing OOSD O3 Ozone Mixer?
  97. A : No consumables. The raw material is air, and the consumable is air, too.
  98. Q : What leads to the rags in the kitchen become greasy?
  99. A : Mould.
  100. Q : How long does soaking fruit and vegetables with O3 ozone take to attain the retain freshness?
  101. A : One minute.
  102. Q : What’s the advantage of washing hands with O3 ozone water for children?
  103. A : To prevent bacterial infection.
  104. Q : How long has O3 ozone been found by human beings so far?
    A : More than 200 years.
  105. Q : Will the amount of disinfectant fluid and detergent be altered after installing OOSD O3 Ozone Mixer?
    A : The disinfectant fluid can be replaced by the mixer. Less detergent is suggested.
  106. Q : What’s the advantage of soaking baby’s bottles with O3 ozone water?
  107. A : Not only bacteria are eliminated in a split second but milk flavor is totally got rid of because of O3 ozone water.
  108. Q : Can O3 ozone water deal with garlic odor or some stinky smell on hands?
  109. A: Rinse mouth with O3 ozone water and that helps solve peculiar smell. On the other hand, the awful odors on hands vanish at once right after soak cleaning.
  110. Q : What’s the benefit of brushing teeth or rinsing mouth with O3 ozone water?
  111. A : To clear up bad breath in mouth, to prevent calculus, and to improve periodontal disease.
  112. Q : Can dentures be soaked with O3 ozone water?
  113. A : Absolutely disinfection and deodorization. Gingivae won’t be inflamed.
  114. Q : What’s the benefit of installing O3 Ozone Mixer in the lavatory?
  115. A : The benefit is to improve odors in bathrooms and preclude mould.
  116. Q : What’s the utility of washing hair with O3 ozone water?
  117. A : Improving scalp problems, activating hair follicle, and making grooming in good condition.
  118. Q : What do people gain from while bathing with O3 ozone water?
  119. A : Fine skin and itching symptoms improvement.
  120. Q : What does it profit humans to wash faces with O3 ozone water?
  121. A : Skin is getting lucent and shiny.
  122. Q : Is there any result when pimples are soaked in ozone water?
  123. A : Twice a day every morning and every night. Pimple issues may be improved.
  124. Q : Will mosquito or bug bite status be eased with O3 ozone water?
  125. A : Pain relief, itching release, and no bubbles in a split second.
  126. Q : How about incised wound, bruise, and scald? Will O3 ozone water bring into full play?
  127. A : Thoroughly disinfection, no inflammation in wounds, and no scars.
  128. Q : When having a toothache or tooth cavity, will the illness be under control by using O3 ozone water?
  129. A : It can improve tooth problems with O3 ozone water in the mouth several times.
  130. Q : Will odors on pet bodies be modified with O3 ozone water?
  131. A : Odors on pet bodies can be eliminated and so can the skin problems.
  132. Q : Can diaper rash be improved if soaking with O3 ozone water?
  133. A : It can be under control straight away. Prickly heat powder isn’t required.
  134. Q : Can humans notice the consistence of O3 ozone from their sensation?
  135. A : About 0.O3-0.04ppm.
  136. Q : During the process of disinfection, will the secondary pollution occur?
  137. A : Conservation of matter is laws of the universe as we know. Old substances vanish will produce new ones, but after O3 ozone resolves, it returns to oxygen. That means it won’t have the secondary pollution.
  138. Q : Will any chemicals remain during the process of disinfection with O3 ozone water?
  139. A : O3 ozone is a kind of broad-spectrum strong oxidant. In the process of oxidation, it will combine with substance itself. Thus, there aren’t any chemical remaining issues.
  140. Q : Why does O3 ozone water have the effect of health care?
  141. A : The oxidative capacity of O3 ozone can promote the hemoglobin growth in blood. As the oxygen content in blood is increasing, lively cells will be obtained. Afterwards, it enhances the immune system.
  142. Q : How come O3 ozone water can improve one’s appearance?
    A : O3 ozone water can not only disinfect but also whiten skin. Skin looks delicate and smooth. The end of artery can absorb fresh oxygen, blood circulation promotion, metabolism, and ageing prevention.
  143. Q : What are features when O3 ozone in the air?
  144. A : Disinfection, decolorant, deodorization, advanced oxidation.
  145. Q : Can O3 ozone water be stored up?
  146. A : It should be immediately consumed. There is no risk, unlike chlorine which has transfer leaking issues.
  147. Q : What’s the importance for O3 ozone water dealing with water?
  148. A : Hydroxyl which is produced when O3 ozone water resolves in the water has strong oxidative capacity. It can quickly remove Iron, Manganese, odors, peculiar smell, bacteria, and viruses in the water. And water molecules become minor.
  149. Q : Why is O3 ozone chosen to restrain bacteria?
  150. A : Broad-spectrum disinfection, sterilization in blind sports in a split second, safeness and harmlessness.
  151. Q : What’s the ratio of water weight in human bodies?
  152. A : It consists of 75% of water weight.
  153. Q : How much is the power consumption of OOSD O3 Ozone Mixer?
  154. A : 0.3 watt standby mode, 6 watt startup. Therefore, it’s a quite energy saving production. Maintaining startup status is suggested. The microcomputer will elaborate its efficiency.
  155. Q : What are differences among OOSD O3 ozone mixer, reverse osmosis, brine electrolysis, and energy water in market?
  156. A : Reverse osmosis, brine electrolysis, and energy water are drinking water, and O3 ozone water is washing water.
  157. Q : How many countries are processing O3 ozone clinical researches at present?
  158. A : Baylor University in America, Yale University, University of California, Harvard University, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia, Canada, Japan, and Cuba medical universities and laboratories.
  159. Q : How much time can O3 ozone water restrain bacteria after reduction?
  160. A : Though O3 ozone water is unable to disinfect after reduction, its restrain bacteria capacity still has 24 hours.
  161. Q : How long can O3 ozone water be kept if it is preserved properly?
  162. A : Based on the recordation of literature, if O3 ozone is sealed tightly and frozen minus ten degrees Celsius. Then it can be preserved for one million years. If sealed well, it can be remained for twenty-four hours in normal temperature. All of the above have the disinfection capacity.
  163. Q : Why do bacteria and viruses now sudden change?
  164. A : Antibiotic and agricultural chemicals abuse, and that makes them have resistance.
  165. Q : When did Environmental Protection Administration announce that O3 ozone was the treating-agent of drinking water?
  166. A : November 24, 1997, toxin number74O31, announced that O3 ozone was the treating-agent of drinking water.
  167. Q : Where does Oleya Ozone Sterilization Device define the role of OOSD ozone Mixer?
  168. A : The personal nurse of preventative medicine. The guard and conservation of health care.
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